NCC launches ‘A letter to my grandparents’ competition


You can send your letter to the NCC before August 31, 2012.
Grandchildren can write about their appreciation of what their grandparents have done for them  and how appreciative they are of  the manner in which they raised their mothers or fathers and the trickle down effect it has in their lives. 

They can also take the opportunity to tell their grand parents how much they love them and also give them an update of their recent accomplishments at school or in everyday life. 

Grandparents can take this opportunity to write to a child in their lives, maybe to share what they have learned and give their grandchildren some insights into important life challenges.
Grandparents can also talk about how their grandchildren keep them happy, busy and youthful.
The competition is open to persons of any age and the letter can only contain a maximum of 200 words. Some of the letters will be published in a book containing photographs from the grand parents photo competition in the year.

Entry forms can be collected at the NCC headquarters Bel Eau or downloaded from the NCC website :