First Lady’s Award launched


The award recipients (or their representative) in a souvenir photograph with First Lady Natalie Michel

The awards -- in seven categories – were given out during Saturday’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star show at the International Conference Centre (see story below).

The key to the merit of the award is determination, dedication, duty and services to others, striving for excellence, advocacy for a cause and spirit of giving.

Other elements include initiatives and acts that inspire others and bring a multiplying effect in the life of others, particularly children, contributing and helping to advance the mission of the Seychelles Children’s Foundation (SCF).

The Noble Cause award went to two individuals -- Geva Rene and Dr Philip Govinden -- who have made remarkable contributions towards a noble cause, dedicating their lives in advocating for special causes, worked tirelessly in taking care of others and has refused to give up despite difficulties.

The award also recognises their determination in standing up for what they believe in.
The child ambassador for the SCF Jean-Michel Vidot, young tennis player Damien Laporte and Raymond Clarisse received the Artistic Merit award.

This award was also bestowed on young Praslinois Stephane Fred, who showed off his amazing acrobatic skills during this year’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star shows.

It recognises a person’s artistic talent, perseverance, determination to do better, the person’s strive for excellence.

The Artistic Merit award gives merit to other outstanding achievement for example in spirits and personal development initiatives that can inspire other children and young persons.

Local artist Jude Ally received the Friends of SCF award, which recognises the contribution someone has made towards the foundation’s special events, projects or programmes benefitting the children.

The Seychelles Art and Music Advocate award went to the foundation’s artistic director Bennet Accouche.

The award recognises the valuable contribution of someone in art and music development, particularly as a teacher, mentor or facilitator who has been involved with children.

Mr Accouche was also recognised for his contribution in advocating art and music growth as part of children’s wholesome development.

The chargée d’affaires of the Embassy of the Order of Malta in Seychelles, Alexandra Azais, received the Spirit of Excellence award, which celebrates the effort and successes of a person with an amazing spirit of giving to the society.

The award also symbolises the dreams and aspirations of seeing the world a better place for everyone, especially children.

The Seychelles Scouts’ Association was the recipient of the Outstanding Initiative award which recognises the outstanding initiatives towards special causes among other things.

Well known artist Sandra received the Our Choice award, which recognises the contribution of a person who has initiated or created something which shares the mission of the foundation.