Entrepreneurs benefit from advanced craft workshop


A souvenir photograph of those who took part in the training after they had been presented with their certificate

This took place in a short ceremony followed by a viewing of the jewellery at the Roche Caiman district administration office where delegates, trainers, property and project manager at the Small Enterprise Promotion Agency (Senpa) Wolven Alcindor and other representatives attended.

The workshop – taught by Maria Maishe and John Sullivan – involved mostly creations using natural elements such as wood, shells, “raffia” and beads to add value.

Ms Maishe said she and Mr Sullivan were approached by Senpa to host the workshop.

“Since the agency emphasises and promotes local product they thought it would be a good idea to take us on board such a project,” she said, adding her surprise at the level of interest and dedication shown during the course.

“We had a very artistic group and I think they have come out of this experience more confident and able to deal with electrical tools better,” she said.

Ms Maishe and Mr Sullivan have been in the jewellery making industry for eight years.