Fibre optic cable system fully operational


The fibre optic cable system, which is owned by the Seychelles Cable Systems Ltd (SCS), landed in Seychelles at the end of May, and has been undergoing tests and commissioning for the past few months.

SCS has now started to commercially offer bandwidth to all licensed telecommunication operators, and as of yesterday, the companies that have bought capacity from SCS are able to send their telecommunication traffic from Seychelles to Dar Es Salaam on SEAS. 

Once in Dar Es Salaam, the telecommunication companies can choose from a plethora of service providers with capacity on cables running along the eastern coast of Africa to get to Europe and the rest of the World.

Two wavelengths have been activated on SEAS for its start of operations.

It is expected that telecommunication operators that have acquired capacity on SEAS will also be making this available to their customers as soon as possible but the actual timing and modalities for doing this is at the discretion of the concerned operators.

SCS has said it is committed to providing quality service to all licensed telecommunication service providers procuring capacity on SEAS and to meeting their capacity requirements.