President visits Roche Caïman


The delegation walking the length of the road where the house painting project is ongoing

The visit enabled him to have a better view of what goes on in the community, constraints and challenges of the district and to identify ways that the government can address these problems.

Mr Michel was accompanied by the Designated Minister Vincent Meriton, who is also the Minister for Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports, member of the National Assembly for Roche Caïman Jeovana Charles, principal secretary for presidential affairs Lise Bastienne and principal secretary for community development and sports Denis Rose.

The district administrator Wilbert Omath and director for presidential affairs Doreen Arnephy were also part of the team.

Before starting his visit, the President met the district’s representatives to discuss Roche Caïman’s current challenges as well as the plans to improve services provided by the government in the district. They also discussed the projects being implemented as part of the Social Renaissance plan to address social ills in area.

Mr Michel and his delegation visited the area allocated for an environmental project ‘Bird Sanctuary’, an initiative of the district in collaboration with the Global Environment Facility.

Visiting the bird sanctuary

Roche Caïman has an ongoing house painting project, an initiative of the district. The district authorities provide resources, such as means to buy paint.

Residents paint their houses themselves or pay chosen contractors to do the work.
Mr Michel walked the length of the road where the project is ongoing and had the chance to interact with residents along the way.
He also visited Martha Songoire, the mother of Marc Songoire, one of the fishermen being held hostage in Somalia.
Mr Michel has given his commitment and has assured Mrs Songoire and family that all is being done for the rapid release of Mr Songoire and his mate Rolly Tambara.

In a press statement issued after the tour, the President said that the visit to Roche Caïman was important for him to hear about the way that social issues have impacted the district, and to chart a way forward for better coordination and assistance from various government departments.

Speaking to the media after the visit, Mr Meriton said there is a good management system in place at the district administration office, where all partners work collaboratively to deliver quality service to the Roche Caïman population.

“There is a good working relationship between the district authorities and Mr Michel has expressed great satisfaction with regards to the services being offered,” he said.

Mr Meriton said there is harmony within the community of Roche Caïman and that people come together to address issues pertaining to their district when necessary.

The meeting with the district’s representatives

“We are pleased about such achievement and we believe this can be used as a model in the development of other districts, so that we can have more stable and harmonious communities,” he added.

The delegation also visited Juliana Rath, a sick elderly who has difficulty to walk. As a result of her condition, she has difficulty to access her bedroom, located upstairs.

Mr Meriton said talks will be held with agencies concerned to see how best to assist Mrs Rath, in having a bedroom on the ground floor.