SpaceTracker GPS makes La Digue boat race more exciting!


The boats approaching La Digue as viewed live on SpaceTracker

The race started at the Victoria Lighthouse (Mahe) and finished at La Passe (La Digue), and was organised as part of the August 15 La Digue Festival. The principal sponsor was the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) who hosted a reception on La Digue for the sailors, and awarded trophies and cash prizes for the top three finishers.

At the same time, the race also counted as part of the Seychelles Yacht Club Sailing 2012 Series, which started in May and will finish in October. This series was sponsored by: Kokonet, Pool & Patel, Mason’s Travel, Pilgrims Security and Space95.

There were in total seven boats that took part: Marliz from Seychelles, Erias (France), Keraven (Seychelles), Sail Seychelles 40 (Seychelles), Silver Fin (Mauritius), Wispa (Seychelles) and Everglow (Germany).

The state of the sea was moderate but the winds of up to 20 knots picked up resulting in confusing wave patterns producing waves from different direction simultaneously.  All the boats completed the challenging course incident-free on a single tack and the results show that the bigger, heavier boats were able to handle the waves.

Fans were able to watch the race live locally and around the world through the internet. Thanks to SPACE 95, the providers of the GPS Tracking System, the boats could be seen live zipping across the ocean towards their destination.

One of the organisers of the event, Andrew Fock-Heng, expressed great satisfaction with the SpaceTracker System. SPACE 95 had also installed a huge screen and internet access on La Digue and as well as the Seychelles Yacht Club to allow the local residents to view the race through SpaceTracker. Mr Fock-Heng said that they even got feedback as far as Germany where the Keraven’s Fan Club were also watching it live. The fan club members congratulated the organisers and said that they were ‘fascinated to be able to watch a race from this distance’.

As the boats approached La Digue, it was Marliz who finished first, followed by Erias, Keraven, and Sail Seychelles 40. Silver Fin, Wispa and Everglow followed respectively to finish the race.
Marliz, a boat built in Seychelles, is a full-time fishing boat but is also a very good part-time sailor. The exhausted but proud sailors were hosted to a reception on La Digue by the STB.

SpaceTracker works on any PC connected to the Internet as well as most mobile smart phones. The system allows authorised users to monitor the vehicles or boats in the following ways:
• Realtime position on Google Map
• Playback of previous journeys
• Get live alerts on the computer for a number of events including:

You can also have access to many reports including distances and journeys. The system also comes with an optional fuel monitoring sensor; the user can see in real-time the fuel level of all the vehicles on the screen and can watch live as the fuel goes up on refilling and see as it comes down upon utilisation.

Sponsored by KOKONET