Feast of Assumption of La Digue a roaring success


The statue of Virgin Mary is carried during the processionThe activities, which started on August 13 with sports events and entertainment that culminated to the big day – August 15 – had La Digue island abuzz with local and visitors alike taking part in the various activities and enjoying the food and goods available on sale by vendors.

The peak of the celebration was the last two days -- Tuesday August 14 that ended with a musical show by the seaside with performance from prominent local artists and the grand day August 15 which is the actual day of the religious feast. As expected, La Digue had its largest crowd on that day as the faithfuls gathered on the island for the Feast of Assumption. 

As tradition, the religious celebration started with an open air mass at La Grotto, followed by the solemn procession with the statue of the Virgin Mary being led through the streets of La Digue to the church, where the remainder of the ceremony took place.

After honouring the Virgin Mary’s reunion with her son Jesus in heaven, the organisers proceeded with the main activities that had been organised for that day. Those included a duck race, a coconut de-husking competition and the famous ‘Poto Lagres’ (whereby the brave and strong are challenged to climb a tall, greasy pole where a reward awaits the victor). All the activities stimulated much excitement and anticipation.

Live broadcast by the Seychelles Broadcasting Cooperation kept the usual tranquil La Digue on a much vibrant note all day long throughout the weekend until the closing day, August 15.

Onlookers at the musical show

La Digue also saw the Mauritian Minister for Arts and Culture, Mookhesswur Choonee, who was accompanied by Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St Ange, experience first-hand the Feast of Assumption, whereby not only did he attend the various activities but also the mass.

“La Digue is blessed with a diversity and density giving it the specificity of a truly special island,” said Minister Choonee.

His counterpart, Minister St Ange has said that the Seychelles Tourism Board, in partnership with the La Digue committee, will work to bring the Feast of Assumption to new heights.

Competitors in the coconut de-husking competition

“The Feast of Assumption is the ideal platform to bring visitors and Seychellois together to enjoy the culture and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of La Digue,” said Minister St Ange.

He added: “Tourism cannot exist if there is no culture as the base of it, and culture itself is non-existent if you don’t have people.”