Miss World 2012-'Participating is winning', says Minister St Ange


Miss Furneau made Seychelles proud at the Miss World beauty pageantTourism and Culture Minister Alain St Ange made this statement as he congratulated Sherlyn Furneau, Seychelles’ representative at this year’s Miss World in the Inner Mongolian city of Ordos, China, on Saturday.

Minister St Ange added that Seychelles is proud of Ms Furneau: “We were with Miss Seychelles on her road to China and we stand with her now that the 2012 Miss World results are out. She remains our Miss Seychelles 2012 and will be invited to continue to be with the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) in its work to make Seychelles more visible in the four corners of the world.”

STB’s chief executive Elsia Grandcourt, STB’s Celebrate Seychelles events and convention department manager Marymonde Matatiken and her senior events and convention coordinator Sharon François, and Jean-Luc Lai Lam, the STB’s China office manager, were in Ordos to support Sherlyn Furneau as she displayed the mid-ocean tropical islands’ flag at the beauty pageant.

Mrs Grandcourt and her team were seen flying their Seychelles banner in Ordos to ensure visibility of their island paradise.

It was at this very same Miss World Pageant that Miss China, Yu Wenxia – a 23-year-old aspiring music teacher – was crowned Miss World 2012 on Saturday.

Miss Wales, Sophie Moulds, came in second, while Miss Australia, Jessica Kahawaty, finished third.

Minister St Ange noted that the STB took over the organising of the island's beauty pageant this year after different non-governmental organisations who had the responsibility before were not regular, letting the islands with the same reigning Miss Seychelles for three to four years at a time.

"The Miss Seychelles pageant is now part of the events list of our islands and it will be organised on an annual basis. We are, as a people, the melting pot of cultures and we shall proudly open doors for our young beauty queens through our beauty pageant," said Minister St Ange.

The minister also thanked Mrs Grandcourt and her Celebrate Seychelles events and convention department for their dedication to the Miss Seychelles cause.
“The job has been well done," noted Minister St Ange.