Rotarians and Indian navy in blood donation drive


Some Indian navy personnel donating blood yesterday

Rotary Club of Victoria president Roland Rassool was present at the hospital together with Blood Transfusion Unit nurse manager Yvonne Bristol.

Mr Rassool said the club was approached by the Indian navy, which is based at the Police Academy at Pointe Larue, to join them in this initiative.

“It is not the first time Rotarians take part in such a drive, hence we were more than willing to join them,” he said.

About 15 navy personnel are giving blood as well as some Rotarians, he added.

Mr Rassool said that a blood bank is vital as anyone in the country can find themselves in a situation where they need it for themselves or relatives.

Mrs Bristol said the situation of the blood bank is critical and took the opportunity to call on organisations to come forward and help.

She said sometimes up to five people turn up at the hospital to give blood but this is not enough as the demand is high.