Seychellois dance student on training in Sweden


Culture special advisor Raymonde Onezime presenting Cadeau with her outstanding student award (photo top)

A first-year student from Sals (School of Advanced Level Studies), Cadeau, 17, left for Stockholm to pursue her long-awaited dream of becoming the first student from the Seychelles School of Dance to be enrolled in the well-reputed Midgardsskolan school of music.

Chosen as the outstanding student of the School of Dance in 2011, Cadeau embraced the passion for dancing at the age of five.
Over the years, dancing has become more than a hobby for her as it gradually translated into what she has described as a “sport” which keeps her mind and body in perfect harmony.

Hours before leaving and surrounded by close friends and family members, Cadeau spoke emotionally about her trip to Stockholm.

“Going to Stockholm is not solely an opportunity to discover new dancing techniques and enhance my knowledge in the art of dancing. But it opens doors to new challenges. The Stockholm town of Umeå will be a land of discovery to make new acquaintances and indulge into a culture till now unknown to me,” she said.

Cadeau’s five-month internship training programme with the Midgardsskolan Umeå School of dance has been possible through the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the institution and the Seychelles school of dance which falls under the culture department.

Following the signing of the MoU, one student from the school of music, Alisha Ernesta, benefited from the exchange programme and went to Umeå for six months earlier this year.

Cadeau, who is studying chemistry, biology, physic and mathematics, said she had to “differ her studies for a year to take full advantage of this exchange programme.”

“My dream is to transform the passion I have for dancing into a career and become a professional dancer,” said Cadeau, who is portrayed by her peers and tutors as humble and an academically keen student. 

School of Dance director Pierre Joseph, who was at the airport to see off Cadeau, said that science classes have been incorporated into her training programme in Stockholm allowing her to reap the full benefit of the exchange programme. 

He added that Ernesta who followed the exchange programme at the Midgardsskolan School of Music in Umeå came back impressed with her journey and is convinced Cadeau will gain the same satisfaction.
Cadeau is expected back in January 2013.