Introduction of Life Certificate for government pensioners


A Statutory Instrument (S.I) No 46 of 2012 under the Pensions Act (Cap 159) has been published in the Official Gazette to give effect to the Regulation.

The Life Certificate has been introduced as a control measure in order to ensure that pensions are paid only to pensioners who are still alive.

The current system in place does not cater for verification of deceased pensioners residing outside Seychelles and whose payment is made through the bank.

This may result in overpayment of pension in cases where the government is not informed of the passing away of pensioners residing overseas.

Due to unavailability of information on movement of pensioners within and outside Seychelles, all pensioners, whether residing locally or overseas, have to complete the Life Certificate for them to continue to be paid their pension in future.

The time-frame of three months for completion of the Life Certificate is to minimise overpayment of pension in the event that a pensioner passed away.
Forms are available at/on:

• The Department of Public Administration at National House;
• District administration office in all districts,
• Seychelles embassies and consulates overseas
• Website Virtual Seychelles:

Once a pensioner receiving a government pension for his or her period of service prior to 1979 has obtained a Life Certificate form from any of the above mentioned places, he or she must take the form to any of the following persons to complete:

• A Branch Bank Manager
• Attorney-at-law or Notary Public
• Judicial Officer
• Medical Practitioner
• Priest  or equivalent

The pensioner will need to produce his or her National Identity Card or passport for the person completing the Life Certificate form to verify and record the number on the form.

The pensioner should ensure that the person completing the form has entered all the details required correctly and has signed the form and stamped it before placing his or her signature or mark on the space provided on the form. The pensioner is advised to bring a relative or friend to witness the completion of the Life Certificate form and provide any assistance required.

The completed original form can be delivered at the respective district administration office, at National House or send by post to the following address:
 Principal Secretary
 Department of Public Administration
P.O. Box 56,
Mahe, Seychelles.

For any clarification or additional information required, please contact the Department of Public Administration on telephone no. 4383000 or 4383034.

This procedure needs to be completed every three (3) months to ensure continuity of the pensioner’s monthly pension.

It is important to note that the monthly pension will be stopped if the Life Certificate is not completed as required.

Payment of pension will be reinstated once the Life Certificate is produced.