Marie-Nella Azemia re-elected on IFL international committee


Mrs Azemia (2nd from left) listening to a presentation by IFL international committee vice-chairperson Rob Lindsley (standing) during the assembly

Mrs Azemia was re-elected during the recent annual IFL international assembly held in Malmö, Sweden. She represented the local chapter of the IFL at the assembly and was accompanied by IFL Seychelles member Margaret Louise.

The three-day assembly and ensuing activities were aimed at rallying representatives of IFL groups from around the world to discuss their achievements and weaknesses and find better ways to accomplish their mission.

This year’s assembly focussed on how the IFL can better bring its contributiona in places of conflict and how to get more young people to be interested in the movement.

Delegates agreed that an efficient way to achieve this is by having development officers in various regions to spread the message and ideas of IFL in order to set up more groups with more young people involved.

The IFL was founded in 1931 with the belief that the most valuable approach to increasing international understanding and cooperation is the development of friendship between individuals of different countries and cultures.

In Seychelles, the IFL has around 60 members but only 42 are active. The group is involved in various projects and training programmes to help young people, especially unskilled women and young single mothers. It also holds exchange meetings with other IFL groups in the region.

In October last year, IFL Seychelles hosted the IFL Africa group meeting.

The IFL international assembly for 2013 will be held in Paris, France.