Judo: Baie Ste Anne Open competition-Praslinois judokas excel to sweep all titles


Other than the host club, the tournament gathered competitors from the Grand Anse Praslin, Perseverance, Roche Caïman and Port Glaud clubs who battled in various categories – poussin (7 to 10 years), benjamin (11 to 12 years), minime (13 to 14 years), cadet, junior and senior.

There was also the senior open competition where again the Praslinois judokas swept the titles in both the men’s and women’s categories.

In the men’s competition, Leslie Philoé of the Baie Ste Anne Praslin club finished first, ahead of team mates Leonel Savy and Naddy Jeanne who were second and third respectively. In the women’s competition, Brigitte Rose, also from the Baie Ste Anne Praslin, was the grand winner ahead of second-placed Leola Littles and third place finisher Amanda Payet, both from the Roche Caïman Roche club.

Rose and Philoé were both voted best senior competitors, while Arnold Esther of Grand Anse Praslin and Anisha Bijoux of Roche Caïman were the best in the poussin category.

BRIGITTE ROSE … female open division champion   Leslie Philoé (right) is the male open category winner

Natenaiana Finesse and Jessy Malbrook of the Baie Ste Anne Praslin club were the best juniors, while Baie Ste Anne Praslin emerged as the best club. 

The following are the top finishers in each category:

Poussins (7 to 10 years)

25kg girls: 1. Ginie Simon (Roche Caïman), 2. Erine Pierre (Perseverance)
24kg boys: 1. Jamiesson Dick (Perseverance), 2. Joshua Esther (Grand Anse Praslin), 3. Juane Kilindo (Perseverance).
-40kg girls: 1. Anisha Bijoux (Roche Caïman)
-46kg boys: 1. Desiré Pool (Baie Ste Anne Praslin)
-26kg girls:
1. Prena Michel (Roche Caïman), 2. Sydney Simon (School of the Exceptional Child)
-24kg to -27kg boys: Laurent Jacques (Perseverance), 2. Sandro Souffe (Grand Anse Praslin), 3. Orvil Payet (Perseverance)
-34kg boys: 1. Jonathan Cedras (Grand Anse Praslin), 2. Rashid Vidot (Grand Anse Praslin)
30kg - 34kg boys: 1. Angelo Gonthier (Baie Ste Anne Praslin), 2. Julio Georges (Grand Anse Praslin), 3. Shane Asba (Perseverance)
32kg – 36kg boys: 1. Jean-Yves Micock (Roche Caïman), 2. Keith Larue (Perseverance), 3. Joshua Both (Grand Anse Praslin)
-34kg boys:
Theron Payet (Perseverance)
-46kg boys: 1. Naddy Jeannevol (Grand Anse Praslin)
-26kg – 28kg girls: Stephanie Morgan (Perseverance)
-24kg – 27kg boys: 1. Eddy Pillay (Perseverance), 2. Adrian Gill (School of the Exceptional Child)
30kg – 34kg boys: 1. Stephan Morgan (Baie Ste Anne Praslin), 2. Kurtis Tomkin (Port Glaud), 3. Liam Barbé (Grand Anse Praslin)
-40kg – 44kg girls: 1. Quessy Jean (Baie Ste Anne Praslin)
-52kg girls: 1. Janessa Valentin (Grand Anse Praslin) 

Benjamins (11 to 12 years)
-46kg – 50kg boys:
1. Shane Asba (Perseverance), 2. Mario Brigilia (Port Glaud), 3. Samuel Jeannevol (Baie Ste Anne Praslin)
38kg – 42kg boys: 1. Travis Payet (Roche Caïman), 2. Arnold Esther (Grand Anse Praslin), 3. Jean-Yves Lesperance (Baie Ste Anne Praslin)

Minimes (13-14 years)
-42kg boys:
1. Dean Ally (Baie Ste Anne Praslin), 2. Emilio Estico (Grand Anse Praslin), 3. Chris Ally Baie Ste Anne Praslin)

-60kg boys:
1. Neddy Philoé (Baie Ste Anne Praslin), 2. Mervin Serret (Port Glaud), 3. Yannick Cedras (Port Glaud)
-66kg boys: 1. Herickson Pool (Baie Ste Anne Praslin), 2. Davidson Pool (Baie Ste Anne Praslin), 3. Dominic César (Roche Caïman)
-73kg boys: 1. Roge Gabriel (Baie Ste Anne), 2. Joshua Monthy (Baie Ste Anne), 3. Kevin Pierre-Louis (Roche Caïman)
-81kg boys : 1. Natenaiana Finesse (Baie Ste Anne Praslin)

Cadets/ Juniors
+100kg boys:
  1. Graham Dogley (Port Glaud), 2. Alexander Marie, 3. Greg Léon
-40kg girls: 1. Natiffa Nourrice (School of the Exceptional Child) 
-44kg girls: 1. Vanessa Cherry (Roche Caïman), 2. Marielle Agathe (Port Glaud)
-52kg girls: 1. Caroline Philoé (Baie Ste Anne Praslin)
-66kg girls: 1. Jessy Malbrook (Baie Ste Anne Praslin)
+78kg girls: Karine Germain (Baie Ste Anne Praslin)

+70kg girls:
1. Amanda Payet (Roche Caïman)

Senior women
57kg: Paddy King (Roche Caïman)
-78kg: 1. Brigitte Rose (Baie Ste Anne Praslin), 2. Leola Littles (Roche Caïman), 3. Natalie Caroline (Port Glaud)

Senior men
-60kg :
1. Dario Larue (Port Glaud)
-66kg : 1. Bendolph Young (Roche Caïman), 2. Ian Cesar (Baie Ste Anne Praslin), 3. Franky Larue (Perseverance)
-73kg: 1. Naddy Jeanne (Baie Ste Anne Praslin), 2. Germain Rose (Baie Ste Anne), 3. Rudolph Didon (Baie Ste Anne)
-81kg : 1. Leslie Philoé (Baie Ste Anne)
-90kg: 1. Leonel Savy (Baie Ste Anne)
-100kg: 1. Daniel Athanase (Baie Ste Anne Praslin) 

Open Male
Leslie Philoé (Baie Ste Anne Praslin), 2. Leonel Savy (Baie Ste Anne), 3. Naddy Jeanne (Baie Ste Anne)

Open Female
Brigitte Rose (Baie Ste Anne Praslin), 2. Leola Littles (Roche Caïman), 3. Amanda Payet (Roche Caïman), 4. Jessy Malbrook (Baie Ste Anne Praslin)

Best Poussin
  Arnold Esther (Grand Anse Praslin)
Girl:  Anisha Bijoux (Roche Caïman)

Best Junior
  Natenaiana Finesse (Baie Ste Anne Praslin)
Girl:  Jessy Malbrook (Baie Ste Anne Praslin)

Best Club: Baie Ste Anne Praslin

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