Praslin and La Digue development funds being dissolved


Both funds were set up in 1997 to cater for landscaping, waste management and certain other projects specific to the two islands, a press release from State House said on Wednesday.

“With the gradual development of dedicated national agencies for these services, government decided that the national agencies should take over their respective functions on Praslin and La Digue,” said the statement.

“The Landscape & Waste Management Agency (LWMA) has therefore taken over responsibility for landscape and waste management on the islands with effect from August 1, 2012.

“The Seychelles Public Transport Company has already taken back – since August 1, 2012 – responsibility for public transport from the Praslin Transport Company (PTC) which had been giving services on Praslin since January 2009.”

It said 15 PDF workers remain at Fond Ferdinand on Praslin, until a special foundation to manage this nature reserve is created, and procedures are already under way to establishment the foundation.

“Meanwhile, all 111 PDF workers – excluding those remaining at Fond Ferdinand – have been paid their employment benefits in accordance with the law up to July 31, 2012.
 Departing employees were offered the opportunity to work on contract with the LWMA or the SPTC for a further six months on the same remuneration as they received at the PDF. About 90% of them have chosen to do so.”

The statement said the former PDF employees will be encouraged to set up their own contract companies to which the LWMA can outsource work at the end of the initial six-month period but a few employees will also remain in LWMA to provide certain internal services.

The consultative and advisory role which the PDF and the LDDF had been providing to government will be assigned to a new consultative board which will be set up administratively for each island.

A Praslin Trust Fund will also be set up, along the same lines as the La Digue Trust Fund which already exists.

These two funds will help in the implementation of approved socioeconomic development projects for the islands.