Taxi operators raise concerns affecting their business


Taxi Operators Association executive committee members (photo top), and taxi operators and representatives from different organisations discussed pertinent issues during Tuesday’s meeting

Present for the meeting which was held at Maison Football, Roche Caïman, were principal secretary for transport Terrence Mondon, representatives from the Seychelles Tourism Board, State Assurance Corporation of Seychelles and the police department.

The meeting was led by the Taxi Operators Association chairperson Davidson Madeleine and other executive committee members.

Though only a few taxi operators turned up, those who were there discussed pertinent issues which are having negative impacts on their work and shared suggestions which could help to improve their business.

Mr Madeleine said the meeting aimed at getting key government representatives to hear out the concerns of the taxi operators and to help in identifying solutions to these problems.

He said the meeting was to give the operators the chance to voice out their problems but was disappointed with the turn-out.

Mr Madeleine said that there is a need to revise policies related to taxi operators as it has been static for a while.

Among the issues discussed were taxi bays at hotels, operators offering tour-guiding services.
unlicensed taxis and the lack of cooperation with certain hotel management and staff.

The taxi operators are calling on concerned authorities to help in addressing these issues.