Yachting: IODA Optimist African Championship 2012-Young sailors get first continental experience


Members of the Seychelles team at the opening ceremony

Accompanied by coach Alain Alcindor, Jean-Luc Lebon, Martin Servina, Ryan Alcindor and Alison Hoareau competed alongside 69 other young sailors from the continent during the regatta which took place from August 18-26.

Besides the competition itself, the event also promoted harmony which was highlighted during the friendly opening ceremony at the Dar es Salaam Yacht Club through the traditional ‘mixing of waters’ ceremony which symbolised the union of all African countries.

Seychelles’ best performer at the competition was Lebon who finished 48th overall with a net 466 points after his worst result – 51st place in race eight – was discarded. His other results were  46th (race one), 35th (race two), 44th (race three), 33rd (race four), 44th (race five), 41st (race six), 49th (race seven),  47th (race nine), 42nd (race 10), 43rd (race 11) and 42nd (race 12) for a gross 517 points.

Female sailor Hoareau who finished 54th overall and 12th in the girls’ category was the country’s second best competitor with a net 547 points. Her results were 38th (race one), 43rd (race two), 74.0 DNF (race three), 74.0 DNC (race four), 74.0 DNC (race five), 74.0 DNC (race six), 38th (race seven), 45th (race eight), 41st (race nine), 53rd (race 10), 31st (race 11) and 36th (race 12) for a gross 621 points.

According to coach Alcindor, Hoareau did not feel well on day two of the championship but still started the third race and could not complete. She did not take the start of races four, five and sixth raced on the same day.

Seychellois Lebon (centre) in action in Dar es Salaam

Coach Alcindor added that it is unfortunate Hoareau was sick on day two when there were four races as she would have finished among the medallists at the championship.

Martin Servina finished one place behind Hoareau in 55th position with a net 547 points after discarding his worst result which was a 63rd finish in race two. His complete results were 53rd (race one), 52nd (race three), 52nd (race four), 35th (race five), 43rd (race six), 50th (race seven), 61st (race eight), 51st (race nine), 45th (race 10), 51st (race 11) and  54th (race 12) for a gross 610 points.

With a 658 points net score after discarding his worst result which was 74th (OCS) in race seven, Ryan Alcindor finished 61st overall. His overall results were 47th (race one), 58th (race two), 50th (race three), 61st (race four), 56th (race five), 63rd (race six), 68th (race eight), 63rd (race nine), 68th (race 10), 63rd (race 11) and 61st (race 12).

The winner of the championship was David Wilson of South Africa who registered seven wins in 12 races. His worst result was a fifth position. Wilson was silver medallist at last year’s IODA and the winner of the boys’ event at the 2011 All-Africa Games.

The girls’ winner was Deisy Justino of Mozambique with a gross 229 points – 194 net after her worst finish of 35 was discarded.

The Seychelles Yachting Association would like to thank Allan Mason of Mason’s Travel, Vijay Patel of Vijay Construction, the National Sports Council, and H. Savy Insurance Co. Ltd for their sponsorship.

R. D.