‘Arts festival hailed as a real success’


Children learning new skills during the Arts Festival which organisers have hailed “a real success”

Mr Savy was giving his views on the festival as it came to a close, adding the organisers will discuss on the strengths and weaknesses of the activities hosted to help improve the next festival in 2014.

During the weekend, a variety of activities was organised in Victoria, giving the public a chance to enjoy and appreciate the work of local artists.

An exhibition of photographs entitled Klendey was officially launched on Saturday at the Carrefour des Arts.

Members of the public will be able to view the photographic exhibition until September 15.

The exhibition – which features the works of about 20 photographers – was one of the many activities organised for the Arts Festival by Mizopwen, the association regrouping local photographers, in collaboration with Nac.

The launch was attended by the Vice-President Danny Faure, Nac chief executive Jimmy Savy, the council chairperson ambassador Noellie Alexander, Mizopwen members and other artists.

During the launch, ambassador Alexander commended Nac for its work and called on Mizopwen to join other art associations to expand their horizons and to showcase their talents locally and beyond.

Mr Savy had a few words of encouragement for the photographers while the association’s chairperson Dominic Elizabeth highlighted the importance of photography.

A special Arts Garden was also set up, where art lovers and members of the public in general had the chance to enjoy a variety of activities.

These included a book fair where people were able to read and buy books, magazines and newspapers, interact with artists and other people in the garden, view and buy handicrafts items and enjoy a variety of refreshments.

Several well-known artists were also there showing their skills to the younger ones.

A group of visual art students who took part in an installation arts workshop last week also displayed their work in the garden.
Members of the public were able to see creative sculptures made from scrap materials, especially metals which they have assembled into installations.

Another exhibition was officially launched last Friday at the Kaz Zanana Revolution Avenue, showcasing the works of various artists.

The exhibition entitled Latras mon Penso will be open until September 15.
Though only a few people turned up for the Zanfan Prodig play, the Modesti theatre had a very special piece for the audience.

Under the leadership of Angelin Marie it had reproduced the Prodigal Son parable, which they adopted in the modern day and local context.