Travelling and visa


 There are, however, two impediments to this legitimate urge to travel and see what there is in the big wide world.

 The first hurdle, which I hope is only temporary, is the lack of a direct flight to Europe which is also a setback for tourists.

 The second real “stumbling block” is the visa issue which very often thwarts our travelling plans as we are not prepared to go through the hassle of obtaining a visa especially if it means having to send our passport and other documents abroad.

The question we inevitably ask ourselves is why should we require a visa to travel to those countries whose very citizens are received here with “wide open arms” and not having to produce any visa.

 There is something anomalous here which needs looking into.

 I think the visa issue should be reciprocated. Those countries insistent on a visa and at the same time boasting of the “friendly relations” with us should prove their friendliness by making the welcome gesture of waiving visa requirements for our citizens.

It must be remembered that gone are the days when Seychelles was referred to as “a tiny little dot” remotely situated in the middle of a vast ocean to which visitors, a mere trickle then, had to be lured to our shores particularly at the start of our tourism industry.

 This is now less of a necessity since we have become a world known destination to which people flock from all corners of the globe.

As a friendly nation, we are happy to welcome everyone without a visa to our country but, please, do welcome us likewise in your country without asking our citizens for a visa.

To those countries exempting us from a visa, I say THANK YOU. May others follow your example.

John L. Adam