Don’t buy unknown untreated water


The public health services within the Ministry of Health made this remark after certain individuals have been selling water from bowsers without permission.
The water is from unknown and unapproved sources and furthermore it is untreated, writes a communiqué from the public health services.

This illegal activity, it adds, has been observed in housing estates, such as Perseverance and others.

Legal action will be taken against any persons or agencies found engaging in such illegal activities, notes the communiqué.

No other person or agent apart from the designated bowsers contracted by the PUC and retailers for bottled water, approved and monitored by the public health services, are allowed to sell or supply water to the public.

It is important that members of the public follow these instructions as there are so many health risks associated with using water from unknown untreated sources for domestic purposes – drinking, cooking etc.