Registration of social workers starts Monday


The registration procedures will be carried out by the Social Workers’ Council – a body corporate established under the Social Workers’ Council Act, 2007.

Its aims are to regulate the professional conduct of social workers, to register and maintain a register of social workers, to enquire into allegations of breaches of ethical standards and professional misconduct of social workers, and to take appropriate disciplinary measures.

The Social Workers’ Council Act, 2007 also stipulates the criteria that would qualify a person for registration as a social worker.
Therefore, only those who meet the criteria will be registered after they have paid the prescribed fee, which is refundable in cases where a person does not qualify for registration.

All those who have completed a minimum of three years training locally or overseas are being invited to collect application forms for Registration and Licence to Practice from the Social Workers Council’s temporary office at Oceangate House, room 144, during normal working hours.

More information can be obtained by contacting the council’s registrar on 4281838.