14 days to SIB’s forum in Turkey


The Seychelles delegation for the forum, comprising private sector representatives and key government officials, will through different presentations try to convince the Turkish business community to come and invest in Seychelles and do business with Seychellois traders.
Over the next 14 days leading up to the forum, Seychelles Nation in collaboration with the SIB will bring you a series of facts about Turkey and Istanbul – one of the country’s major cities and financial centre where the forum will be held.
The aim is to explain why it is important at this point in time for Seychelles to tap into this high potential market for foreign direct investment (FDI) in various sectors to boost its own economic development.

This column also serves as a countdown leading to the delegation’s departure and the start of the forum.

  Facts about Turkey

• Turkey is located in central eastern Europe

• Ankara is its capital city with a population of over 4 million
• Istanbul with a population of over 13 million is its hub financial centre

• In 2010 its population stood at 75 million

• As at October 2010 it had a labour force of 25.9 million
• It has a parliamentary system of government

• The official language is Turkish

• Its currency is the Turkish Lira

• Its neighbours are Bulgaria, Greece, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia

• It has a temperate climate; hot, dry summers with mild, wet winters

• Some of history's greatest trading routes passed through Turkey

• New trade routes for the next century are being established