International Peace Day-Peace in oneself, peace in the world


This event is part of the “Be happy- Make Seychelles Happy” campaign which also promotes the NCC’s Living Values programme.

Mindfulness is the practice of paying careful attention to what is happening in the present moment, whether it be a sight, a sound, a taste, a smell, a sensation in the body, or mental activity (the latter includes emotions and thoughts).

People normally practice for a few moments — lying on their bed, sitting in a doctor’s office or standing in a line. Anywhere. Mindfulness has been around for ages. However, mental health professionals are beginning to recognise that mindfulness can have many benefits in reducing stress and increasing wellbeing.

It also helps to reduce workplace tensions. People who practice mindfulness at work report an improved ability to communicate clearly and have more appropriate reactions to stressful situations. They also report a better ability to handle workplace conflict, improved teamwork, a better ability to "think out of the box" and in some cases enhanced creativity.

Some people may put aside time to formally practice mindfulness, such as devoting time to practice mindful awareness of their breath or thoughts. However, the good thing about mindfulness is that you can also practice it at any point throughout your day. For example, you can bring mindfulness awareness to a number of activities, such as eating, washing dishes, cooking, taking a shower or bath, walking or listening to music.

Everyone is invited to take part in the activity by joining the NCC on September 21 at the Botanical Gardens at 10.00am, so that we can create a mindfulness event which can have a mindful impact in our lives. 
“Silence is one of its most nourishing elements”.

There will be different mindfulness practices led by Radhika Kidao, an experienced and seasoned mindful practitioner followed by some yoga exercises. (Please do bring a towel)

Radhika will be available to answer any questions you may have about the practice and how to enroll in a group.
At 12.00 noon, join us with your packed lunch for mindfulness eating.

Feel free to attend any part of the session for as long as you can between 10.00am and 1.30pm.
Come join the NCC team and learn more about the link between happiness, peace and mindfulness.  Come young and old. Come and be mindful, happy and at peace.