Minister to act on inquiry report findings


Allegations that Marcus Botsoie was beaten by police officers came to light recently and Mr Morgan appointed the panel to look into the matter.

They handed a copy of their findings to Minister Morgan yesterday morning at Independence House.

Minister Morgan thanked the panel for their work, despite the difficult circumstances and all the publicity in relation to the incident and said he had wanted the investigation to be independent, free of any bias.

“I had made it a point not to interfere in the panel’s work, to allow it to work independently, which I think is the best way to act in circumstances such as these, and I express my full trust in the findings of the panel, and I shall take your findings and recommendations very seriously and will act upon them as required, in order to improve for the future,” he said.

“A lot of comments have been made by different people, and a lot of opinions expressed and this incident has had a significant impact on public opinion of the police, but what needs to be established now from the report is whether the police are guilty or not of the offence of brutality.”

He added that in either circumstance, he will take appropriate action to ensure that the matter is dealt with accordingly and in a correct and fair manner.

Minister Morgan then left the panel, so that they could freely present their observations to the media and said his office will issue a press statement to say what course of action they are taking to deal with the incident, as per the findings of the panel.