On-line service to ease trading


Minister Laporte (right) speaking during the launch of the …

The on-line permit or e-permit was launched yesterday by the Minister for Finance, Trade and Investment Pierre Laporte at Liberty House in the presence of the ministry’s principal secretary Steve Fanny and principal secretary for the Department of Information Communication Technology (DICT) Benjamin Choppy.

Others present were representatives of the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC), Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa) and senior staff of the ministry.

In 2006, the government created a one-stop shop for import and export permit as a unit of policy, strategy and investment division within the ministry.

The unit, which works closely with the SRC, processes applications for importation of restricted goods such as motor vehicle, fruit, vegetables, plants, animal, animal products, plastic bags and many others.

In February last year, the division in collaboration with the DICT started to work on the e-permit project.

In his address, Mr Laporte said the project has become a reality despite the major challenges throughout the process.

He added that the launch forms part of government’s effort to improve its efficiency and that of doing business for the private sector.

… on-line import/export permit

Mr Laporte said the on-line service is the next step to automate various government services and there are many other initiatives to come.

An application for an import permit normally takes a minimum three days for approval and has to be submitted on working days between 8am to 4pm.

The project was conceived for importers to be able to apply an import permit wherever that person is and any time of the day without having to come to the import and export permit office.

Speaking to the media, Mr Fanny said the on-line service is being offered to businesses only and early next year this will be available for any person who wishes to apply for an import or export permit.

He said this will have various advantages for the government and businesses.
Prior to the launch of this service, it took three to four days to get a reply that the permit application has been accepted or rejected.

Mr Fanny said this will now take about a day but this will depend on other relevant focal persons of competent authority involved in the process.

The import and export permit on-line service can be accessed via the E-Service Gateway https://eservice.egov.sc/eGateway/homepage after registration for a valid e-ID.