Countdown to the Seychelles Investment Forum in Istanbul, Turkey on September 28, 2012-8 days


• Turkey has new and highly developed technological infrastructure in transportation, telecommunications and energy.
• It has well-developed and low-cost sea transport facilities.
• It has railway transport advantage to Central and Eastern Europe and
well-established transportation routes and direct delivery mechanism to most of the EU countries.
• Looking at the world map and the international transport network and corridors, Turkey is seen as well located on the crossroads or in the vicinity of the transport networks.
• The scale of Turkey’s sea-borne imports and exports places her to be preferred by the container lines on direct calls basis in East Mediterranean.
• A volume of 5.8 million containers was handled in Turkey’s ports in 2010.
• Turkey has significant logistics infrastructure which could cover the requirements of Asian shippers in the immediate run.
• East Asia has a great potential. To keep it moving and growing needs reliable transport infrastructure. With timely implementation of infrastructural modernisation, Turkey can offer an excellent base for sustainable growth of Asia’s economies.

Any business operators wishing to participate and network at this forum should contact the Promotion Unit of the Seychelles Investment Bureau (SIB) on 4295500.