Seychelles ambassadors take up new postings


Ambassador Marie-Louise Potter has been posted in the Seychelles Mission in New York and will be accredited to both the United States Government and as Seychelles’ Permanent Representative to the United Nations.
Mrs Potter presented her credentials to secretary general Ban Ki-Moon earlier this month.

Ambassador Bernard Shamlaye has been posted to the Seychelles embassy in Paris as the resident ambassador to France and as Seychelles’ representative to Unesco.

Ambassador Vivianne Fock Tave will remain as Seychelles’ resident ambassador in Brussels, Belgium.

 Ms Fock Tave is also currently overseeing the Seychelles Mission in Geneva, Switzerland which is currently charged with Seychelles’ accession to the World Trade Organisation.

High commissioner Claude Morel, formerly the resident ambassador to France, has been posted to the Seychelles embassy in Pretoria.
High Commissioner Joseph Nourrice, formerly the resident high commissioner to South Africa in Pretoria, has been posted to Addis Ababa and will be Seychelles’ permanent representative with the African Union.
Ambassador Dick Esparon, who was posted to the newly opened Seychelles embassy in Abu Dhabi, will remain as Seychelles’ resident ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.

High commissioner Waven William, who was posted earlier this year, will remain as the Seychelles resident high commissioner in New Delhi, India and Ambassador Philippe Le Gall will remain as Seychelles’ resident ambassador in Beijing, China.

Seychelles ambassador for Climate Change and Small Island Developing States Ronny Jumeau, formerly the resident ambassador in New York and permanent representative to the United Nations, will continue to operate from the Seychelles Mission in New York.

High commissioner Patrick Pillay, resident high commissioner in London who completed his term of service earlier this year will be retiring from official diplomatic service; however high commissioner Pillay will continue to be part of Seychelles active diplomacy and lend his expertise to the Ministry particularly in line with the UNSC 2017 campaign.
Replacing Mr Pillay in London is Ambassador Marie-Pierre Lloyd. She will be taking up her post before the end of the year.

In addition to the foreign posting of Seychelles ambassadors, the ministry has also announced the return of Ambassador Callixte d’Offay who was previously serving as the secretary general of the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) at the IOC headquarters in Mauritius.

On his return, Ambassador d’Offay has been nominated as Roving Ambassador to the Indian Ocean Islands (Mauritius, Madagascar and Comoros) and as special envoy to La Reunion.

Ambassador Erna Athanasius, will continue to operate from Seychelles as the Seychelles Ambassador for Women and Children.

The Foreign Ministry also wishes to inform the Seychellois public that the Seychelles High Commission in London has been relocated to new premises, details of which can be found on the MFA website.