Microsoft Corporation displays new technologies in Seychelles expo



The Microsoft representative speaking at the expo

The expo – called the EDUTech@Seychelles – was an opportunity for technology to meet education, where new innovations in technology could be used in the education’s teaching and learning process.

The Microsoft Corporation, which is a partner of the Ministry of Education, was also present with a stand, where on display was a tablet featuring the new Windows 8 operating system – due to be launched worldwide on October 26.

Also showcased were Windows mobile phones, whose interface is very similar to Windows 8 on the device, and information was given to visitors to the expo on the possibilities of developing Applications, or Apps on the mobile and on Windows 8.

Visitors impressed with the new technologies on display

Visitors could also see the Kinect sensor technology, which most people associate with Xbox. The sensor can also be connected to a PC and its development opportunities in Seychelles were also discussed with visitors.

Kinect works on gestures, where it does a full-body scan of a person, who then controls it by simply making gestures and moving parts of one’s body, like the arms, hands, feet and so on.

A popular use of Kinect is its use to control robotics, and to switch lights on or off.
Microsoft representative Paul Bunting, who is the general manager for the Indian Ocean and the French Pacific, said they wanted to showcase these particular technologies, since they are emerging ones and the possibility of them becoming established technology in Seychelles was apparent.
“We’re showing that Microsoft has a platform across the three screens, which are mobile phones, the PC, which includes the PC, slate, laptop or desktop devices, and then the TV through the X-box console,” he said.
“We’re also looking forward to working with the Ministry of Education on other upcoming projects.”

He added that Seychelles also was in a good place for potentially being able to develop Apps (or Applications).

“Someone here in Seychelles could develop an App, such as a tourism App for example, and could be in our marketplace, our store, available to tourists arriving in Seychelles for a dollar per tourist.

 So just picture every arriving tourist downloading that App, it’s definitely an opportunity,” he said.
The expo also had other stands hosted by other partners, such as the University of Seychelles, Intelvision, Cable and Wireless, Incipe, and Space 95.