Nation walkers in their welfare funds lift bid


The fastest group among the walkers, made up of assistant director Marie-Anne Lepathy, production technicians Marthe Joseph and Vernay Dubois, website manager Marie-Josée Edmond and sales assistant Rose-May Julienne (photo by G.T.)

The walkers came from the newspaper’s various sections and welcomed the chance to socialise saying they are normally buried so deep under work so as to meet tight deadlines that they usually have little time to interact.

“Most of us also work daily including on Sundays so we are happy for the chance to exercise,” some said, adding they had to wake up early to attend to domestic chores first to meet the 7.30am walk start time.

Nation now falls under the National Information Services Agency (Nisa) which was created in April 2010 as a corporate body with financial autonomy to publish the newspaper and offer other unique services like pre-press work and colour separation for other publishers, printers and individuals.

Nisa was established through an Act of the National Assembly to give information services in an efficient, objective, impartial and cost-effective manner to the public and state institutions.

Having been weaned from government funds as part of the country’s economic reforms, the agency runs on the income it raises and the walkers said they were borrowing a leaf from their mother organisation to be self sufficient.

For the activity, the walkers raised money from their families and donors, the top givers being Civil Construction Company Limited and telecommunication companies Airtel and Cable & Wireless, to all of whom the walkers said a special “thank you”.