World's largest conservation body calls for more support to Glispa


Vice-President Danny Faure speaking at a past Glispa event on the margins of the Untied Nations General Assembly's annual general debate by world leaders in New YorkGlispa, whose secretariat is hosted by IUCN's Washington DC Office in the USA, is co-chaired by President James Michel of Seychelles along with the President of Palau and the Prime Minister of Grenada.

The WCC call was made at the recent IUCN's World Conservation Congress (IUCN-WCC) held in Jeju, South Korea. The congress is held every four years and is the largest and most important conference of its kind. 

This year's gathering in South Korea was attended by some 10,000 participants from 153 countries, including Mr Denis Matatiken, who is the chief executive of the Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA).

Welcoming the WCC's strong show of support for Glispa, Seychelles' New York-based Ambassador for Climate Change and Small Island Developing State Issues, Ronny Jumeau, said, "This shows how very important and effective Glispa has been in promoting the conservation and sustainable use of island biodiversity around the world, and is also testimony to the fact that even the smallest of island communities and countries can make a difference."

A WCC motion on Conserving island biodiversity and supporting human livelihoods, which is the central theme of Glispa, highlighted the partnership's role in implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity's (CBD's) Island Biodiversity Programme of Work, "including in inspiring high level leadership, catalysing commitments, and facilitating collaboration among all islands".

Glispa, represented at the WCC by the partnership's coordinator Kate Brown and islands communications manager Jessica Robbins, was very active at the congress, organising and participating in several side events.

The WCC welcomed the leadership of IUCN director general Julia Marton-Lefevre in hosting Glispa within IUCN "to ensure its continued success as an important platform for island action, leadership and collaboration", as well as the partnership's continued role in supporting the CBD's work programmes on island biodiversity and protected areas.

The congress consequently requested the IUCN director general to "increase financial support to Glispa as an implementation mechanism of the CBD Programme of Work on Island Biodiversity, to catalyse and strengthen island leadership, and ensure collaboration of supporting partners".