MTC Open Day-Maritime school to raise courses to diploma level


Guests touring the exhibition

This was announced yesterday by the acting director of the institution, Brian Hoareau, as he officially launched the school’s Open Day.

The event is aimed to bring the training it offers and job opportunities in the maritime sector all under one roof for a week.

Visitors and students aiming to take up a career in this sector can therefore see courses on offer and can link them directly to job opportunities.

Mr Hoareau was addressing a number of guests, who included the Minister for Natural Resources and Industry Peter Sinon, principal secretary for Education Merida Delcy, the Chinese ambassador to Seychelles Shi Zhonjun and the director general of the Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration Joachim Valmont.

“During the coming five days, students from S3 to S5, as well as their respective career guidance teachers, parents and the general public, will have the opportunity not only to know about MTC and its related training programmes, but also about the different job opportunities in the maritime industry,” said Mr Hoareau.

“It is important to re-iterate that Seychelles has established itself as a strategic partner in both fisheries and international shipping. Consequently, the maritime sector has emerged as one of the most important pillars of our economy.”

He added that as the maritime/fisheries sector expands, demands for trained mariners are on the increase, and that the onus is on the MTC to produce young people with the required competence to access career opportunities in both local and international maritime industries.

“Given the importance of the maritime activities to Seychelles’ domestic economy and the urgent need for properly-trained human resource, the new MTC comes at an opportune time,” he said.

The MTC is also gearing up to take on new roles and prepare for the challenge of the future, and will increase the range of its training. The institution will offer more courses to cover all the needs of the present-day maritime industry.

This will include maritime tourism, such as sport fishing, yachting and sailing, mari-culture, such as fish-farming, semi-industrial fishing, such as long line and drop line.

The MTC will also promote sustainable development, such as the effects of net fishing in relation to by-catch, and also promote food security and nutrition, with fish as a main source of protein.
Mr Hoareau said they are working to upgrade their courses from a two-year advanced certificate level to a three-year diploma level.

“Offering courses at diploma level will also allow us to open up to A Level students, compared to the current situation which is being taken up by mostly S5-leavers and in-service people,” he said.

After the speeches all present visited an exhibition showcasing the various courses on offer at the institution, as well as stalls showing the services that a number of partners of the MTC offer.

The partners displaying their services include Eden Island, Big Blue Divers, the Seychelles National Parks Authority, the Seychelles Fishing Authority, and the Island Development Company.

The exhibition will close on Friday and Mr Hoareau is inviting the public to come and see what the MTC has to offer.

There will also be a mass on Sunday for World Maritime Week at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, to which the public is invited to come and show their solidarity with the maritime industry’s seafarers.