Seychelles’ ambassador to the U.S. accredited


Mrs Potter with President Obama during her accreditation visit

Mrs Potter presented her credentials to President Barrack Obama on September 19 at the White House.

Speaking at the accreditation ceremony, Mrs Potter thanked Mr Obama for the various assistance that Seychelles is receiving from the US, particularly in the fight against piracy.

She once again expressed Seychelles’ condolences to the President over the recent death of the US ambassador and other embassy personnel in Libya and expressed Seychelles’ strong desire to build on the already strong relationship between the two countries and advance their common interests.

President Obama hailed Seychelles as an example to the world in its commitment to the democratic process and described the country as one of the United States’ “most steadfast allies” in the fight against piracy in the Indian Ocean.

“Your country serves as an example to others both in Africa and across the world,” said President Obama.

“We view the Seychelles as one of our most steadfast allies in the search for practical and effective ways to counter piracy in the Indian Ocean, and your commitment to fighting terrorism is a strong example of how a small nation can make a big impact on a global problem.”

The US President also said that Seychelles and the United States “enjoy a strong relationship and mutual commitment” to some of the most important issues of the day like democracy, human rights, economic liberalisation and security.

Ambassador Potter’s accreditation to Washington follows her presentation of credentials earlier this month to UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon as Seychelles’ new permanent representative to the UN.