Desroches Island Lodge Ltd to manage Alphonse Resort


The Alphonse Island Resort has for the past six years been under the management of Great Plains Seychelles.

Located about 440km south west of Mahé, Alphonse Island and St. Francois Atoll are reputed as a highly respected fly fishing destination, which complements the spectacular game and fly fishing already available on Desroches Island. 

According to the management of Desroches Island Lodge Limited, acquiring the management contract of Alphonse Resort prior to the start of the fly fishing season of 2012-2013 will enable new and established guests to experience the enhanced service and the excitement of this type of fishing that visitors and fishermen to Desroches currently enjoy.

A press release from the Islands Development Company (IDC) said that Desroches Island Lodge Limited expects to deliver the same exceptional high standard of service at Alphonse Resort, ensuring all guests experience an enjoyable and memorable stay.

“The aim is to bring the Desroches international managing skills to Alphonse Island Resort and offer an exclusive and diverse range of packages, a combination that both islands will benefit from,” said the IDC press release.

The 2012-2013 fly fishing season promises to be a fruitful one and will see Desroches Island Lodge Limited creating a platform for more exciting opportunities for the Alphonse Island Resort.