Countdown to the Seychelles Investment Forum in Istanbul, Turkey on September 28, 2012


Its gross domestic product (GDP) per capita nearly tripled, the increase in foreign direct investment is remarkable, the foreign reserves of the central bank increased to $80.1 billion and inflation is under control.

Remarkably, the economic team of the current government managed to simultaneously improve social safety nets while boosting economic growth. This means that the improvements in social welfare are accompanied by economic growth.

Turkey draws USD 8.9 billion of FDI in 7 months
The foreign direct investment (FDI) to Turkey showed no signs of slowing down despite the raging debt crisis in Europe and the political upheaval in the Middle East.

The country attracted USD 8.9 billion of FDI in the first 7 months of 2012, an overwhelming majority of which 77.4 percent originated from Europe.

“Turkey’s position as a popular destination for foreign investors remains unchanged despite global uncertainties…,” Turkey’s Minister for Economy, Zafer Caglayan, remarked earlier this month as he announced the FDI figures.

“Eleven of the Eurozone economies are yet to return to their pre-crisis state. Despite the grim outlook in Europe, continuation of the FDI inflow to the country is a success on Turkey’s part…,” he noted.
According to data revealed by Caglayan, the manufacturing sector received the most of FDI in January-July period, totaling USD 3.4 billion. British investors emerged as the largest contributors to the sum of 8.9 billion with USD 1.96 billion, followed by Austrians with USD 1.42 billion and the Dutch with USD 800 million.

Any business operators wishing to participate and network at this forum should contact the Promotion Unit of the Seychelles Investment Bureau (SIB) on 4295500.