Badminton: Junior Competition-Cadeau and Paulin round one winners


   Girls’ round one winners Paulin...          … and Cadeau

In group one, Cadeau tops the standing with maximum 15 points from five straight-sets wins in as many matches, while Paulin leads group two with maximum 12 points from four wins in four matches.

In her last round one matches last weekend, Cadeau registered a 2-0 (21-11, 21-11) win over Noelisa Remie, before beating Sheryl Lucas by the same score in her second match. The set scores were 21-17 and 21-13.

Sheryl Lucas is group one’s second best with 13 points from four wins and a single loss, which was against Cadeau. Two players, namely Noelisa Remie and Stephanie Henriette are currently tied on nine points from two wins and three losses.

With one match left to play in the first round, Angy Constance is on six points after a win and three defeats, while Deandra François who still got one match to play is on four points after four losses in as many matches.

In group two, Paulin leads the standing ahead of Hemma Saffrance, Mary Moncherry and Stephanie Nicette who have all garnered eight points after two wins and two losses apiece. In her last match, Paulin registered a 2-0 (21-6, 21-14) win over Mary Moncherry.

Shireen Orphée is last in the group on four points after four defeats in as many matches.

In the boys’ group which is still ongoing, Christian Toussaint is still leading with seven points from two wins and a loss in three matches. Javis Renaud is second on six points from two wins, while Fabien Jerry is third on five points after a win and two losses.

With a win and a defeat each, Aaron Vidot and Harry are on four points, ahead of Jahkim Renaud who has collected only two points so far after two defeats.