Bodybuilding: Mr Regatta 2012-All set for October 5 at Coral Strand


Defending champion Mekdache (right) and Fabien Antat will go head-to-head for this year’s title

Organised by charitable organisation Seychelles Round Table as part of their activities for the annual Regatta event, the competition has so far attracted ten local flex posers, including defending champion Ziad Aladou Mekdache who has never been defeated in any local competition organised so far.

In the absence of a valid local governing body for the sport, Round Table Seychelles is taking full responsibility in organising the event which is open to all posers, regardless of their affiliation.

In order to bring about proper logistics and technical issues, the Round Table Seychelles is getting the help of the Animal Kingdom Gym executive committee, while maintaining its full right on the event.

In a meeting recently with some of the posers and the press, the chairperson of the event’s organising committee Ray Hoareau explained that they were targeting maximum participation as the event is purely for charity. Mr Hoareau said he personally delivered invitation letters to all local gyms in the country and was a bit disappointed to see only two – Animal Kingdom Gym and Atlas Gym – responding to the call.

He said the main reason given was that the athletes were not ready, as the competition was announced at short noticed. He explained that the main reason behind the delay in announcing the event was the uncertainty about getting the traditional Beau Vallon venue for the Regatta.

As for the involvement of the Animal Kingdom Gym executive committee, Mr Hoareau explained that as organisers, the Round Table felt that they were not qualified enough in terms of technical aspects of the sport.

“As they have been the only one to respond to our invitation, it is normal to use their technical know-how in organising the event,” he explained. Mr Hoareau also explained that in case other local gyms responded, the Round Table would have also involved them in running the competition.

He thanked the members of the committee for their support and also thanked all the posers taking part, praising them for their act of good sportsmanship and fair play in the name of charity.

New at the Mr Regatta contest this year will be a “Mr Fitness” contest, showcasing and raising the awareness on the importance of exercise for staying healthy. A surprise guest poser will also feature on the programme.

The winners will receive medals, trophies as well as cash prize, while those taking part will receive a certificate.

The event will start at 9pm and tickets are available at the Animal Kingdom Gym, The Atlas Gym and from members of the Round Table. The entrance fee is R100.