Seychelles takes ownership of its Festival Kreol


A third batch of sponsors from private sector stakeholders have made valuable financial contributions to the Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St Ange.

The funds will go towards financing the activities featured on this year’s Festival Kreol.

P&J Supplies (Pty) Ltd is the main sponsor of Rhythm and Spice show, Reliance Insurance Broker (Pty) Ltd will finance the Creole gospel concert and Intelvision is the sponsor of Children’s Variety show.

Other sponsors are Sacos, Mr Bonte’s Office and Eden Island Development Company Seychelles Limited.

Presenting his cheque, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Eden Island Development Company Greg Heeger said that “it is a privilege for his company to be part of Seychelles’ annual Festival Kreol”.

Accepting, the cheque from all sponsors, Minister St Ange said that “it is always welcoming to see people coming forward and openly contributing to national events which help raise the country’s visibility”.

“Culture cannot and will not exist without tourism and tourism will never be consolidated without our islands really taking time to showcase our culture.  The linkage between culture and tourism offers significant opportunities for Seychelles to unlock the potential of our culture and of our tourism industry. I would like to thank each and every one of you sincerely because it is you that make the Festival Kreol possible, and it is you who are helping make Seychelles more visible around the world.  We are proud to be able to showcase our culture for the world, and as we give an international dimension to the event, we are making Seychelles more visible as a tourism destination with a difference.  I would also like to personally thank Giovanna Rousseau for knocking on the doors of the sponsors.  With the budget now in hand we can start cutting our suit with the cloth we now have,” said Minister St Ange.