Plant photo contest winners receive prizes


The winners in a souvenir photograph with some guests

The prize giving ceremony was held on Thursday at the Natural History Museum in the presence of Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St Ange, chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board Elsia Grandcourt, principal secretary for culture Benjamine Rose and director general for culture Marcel Rosalie.

The plant photo contest was initiated by the Natural History Museum in collaboration with the Plant Action Conservation Group (PCA).

All photos in the contest will be added to the Seychelles Plant Gallery, a project to compile historical and updated knowledge on the country’s plants.

This forms part of the herbarium project which is to provide an easier way to identify and learn more about the plants of Seychelles, both native and introduced.

With the plant gallery, the herbarium will soon become much more than just a collection of dried pressed plant samples.

Photographs and information about all the plants in the country will be accessible through the internet or in the Natural History Museum.

Viewing the photos on display in an exhibition

For the plant competition, a panel of judges who had no affiliation with the museum or the PCA was given the task to choose the best ones in the various categories.

The first prize winner of the native plants category for the adults was Bettina Hortence followed by Patrick Valmont in second place. Mia Dufond was the third prize winner while fourth place went to Steve Thelermont.

For the youth in the same category there was only a second prize and this was won by Dominique Dinan.

In the natural landscape category, Germaine Morel received first prize followed by Lushanti Fonseka in second position.

Christopher Mason-Parker won third and fourth prizes in this category.
Bettina Hortence’s photo was judged as the best in the artistic plant category and she also clinched the second prize along with Christopher Mason Parker while Lushanti Fonseka settled in fourth position.

In the same category for the youth, first and second prizes went to Anthea Laurence, Annabelle Denis and Wilnette Joseph.

Lushanti Fonseka was the first prize winner for the useful plants category while Steve Thelermont got second and third prizes. Mia Dunford settled in fourth place.

For the youths, there was only a third prize and that went to Anthea Laurence, Annabelle Denis and Wilnette Joseph.

Hamsa Kumar was the winner of the garden flowers category followed by Joan Krampah in second place. Lushanti Fonseka received third prize while Emily Allen and Steve Thelermont won fourth prizes.

For the youths, Louisa Rene was the first prize winner of the garden flower category while Anthea Laurence, Annabelle Denis, Wilnette Joseph and Dorian Banane all settled in second position.

In the rarest exotic plants category, Bettina Hortence’s work was voted as the best by the judges followed by Germaine Morel in second place.

Third prize winner was Steve Thelermont while fourth prize went to Erenia Meriton.
Louisa Rene won the prize for best overall among the youths while for the adults Bettina Hortence was judged as the best.

Mia Dunford won the prize for the most useful contribution to the herbarium database.