China celebrates 63rd National Day-‘Seychelles takes pride in China’s successes’


Minister Meriton addressing guests at the reception

Designated Minister Vincent Meriton said this on Saturday evening while addressing guests at a reception to mark China’s 63rd National Day celebrations.

“The bedrock of our strong partnership is China’s resolute commitment to assist us in diverse areas,” he added.

Attending the event held at the Chinese Embassy, St Louis, were Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Herminie, chief justice Fredrick Egonda-Ntende, ministers, chief of defence forces Brigadier Leopold Payet, leader of government business and leader of the opposition in the National Assembly, Marie-Antoinette Rose and David Pierre respectively.

Governor of the Central Bank Caroline Abel, members of the diplomatic corps, members of the National Assembly and Chinese nationals were among others present.

Mr Meriton said the day celebrates China’s determination to put people at the centre of development - an ideal that is shared by Seychelles.

He added that the Seychellois people partake in the Chinese national day celebrations because we take pride in China’s achievements.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the first Chinese presence in Seychelles and for that Mr Meriton thanked the Chinese community for contributing essential strands in the constitution of our unique Creole culture.

Mr Meriton said China continues to play an instrumental role in supporting the overall socio-economic development of Seychelles.

Mr Shi and Minister Meriton proposing a toast

Under the various bilateral economic and technical cooperation agreements, Seychelles have benefited from 40 infrastructural projects from China, 36 of which have been completed.

“It is the desire of President James Michel’s government to further deepen and broaden the existing partnership by venturing into new areas of cooperation, especially in the field of investment,” he added.

Mr Meriton also paid tribute to the Chinese ambassador to Seychelles Shi Zhongjun for his active contribution since assumption of office and for enhancing the relations between the two countries.

“The close ties of friendship and cooperation that exist between our two countries will act as the catalyst that will allow us to forge ahead towards achieving our common goal as partners,” he said.

Mr Meriton concluded by reaffirming Seychelles’ full commitment to the one-China policy and support for its peaceful reunification.

He then proposed a toast for the wellbeing of President Hu Jintao, for further progress of the relations between Seychelles and China, for peace and prosperity of the two peoples.

In his address, Mr Shi said the friendship between China and Seychelles has a history longer than what the diplomatic record shows.

He said the Chinese community in Seychelles working for the prosperity of the country, serves as a bridge to strengthen the relations between the two nations.

Mr Shi gave a brief overview of the measures that was announced during the recent Forum on China-Africa Cooperation.

“It is my firm belief that China-Seychelles relations will benefit from the general picture of the China-Africa cooperation,” he added.

Mr Shi also proposed a toast to the prosperity and happiness of the two nations and to the close and lasting friendship between China and Seychelles.