Union of Turkish businessmen to send team to Seychelles


The Seychelles (left) and Tuskon delegations during the meeting

Tuskon president  Rizanur Meral made the announcement in talks with the Seychelles trade and business delegation who were leading an investment forum in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

Tuskon hosted the Seychelles team -- led by Finance, Trade and Investment minister Pierre Laporte -- for the talks at its head office in Merkez Mh.Abide, Istanbul on Thursday afternoon, on the eve of the investment forum the Seychelles Investment Board (SIB) and its partners was hosting there.

Giving an overview of all the various areas where business and investments are possible, such as in the tourism, trade, and fishing sectors, Minister Laporte also talked about the necessary support services Seychelles provides through its offshore sector.

Noting that there is a marked increase in Turkish products on the local market, Minister Laporte said our aim is to continue encouraging business and trade development between the two countries.
“Turkey produces good quality products which are very much appreciated in Seychelles and the market for raw material is enormous,” Minister Laporte noted.

He noted that the recent visa waiver agreement for Seychellois visitors to Turkey is a clear indication of the growing ties between the two countries and only the start of more fruitful collaboration to come.

Mr Meral said Tuskon knows Seychelles has lots of potentials in the tourism sector and it is very much interested to explore this sector as well as fishing among others.
With regard to the fishing sector, he said Turkey has a lot to offer in terms of its expertise in boatbuilding.

Mr Meral said Tuskon will soon be opening an office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia which will make interactions with Seychelles easier, adding that the next step will be to bring a team from Tuskon to Seychelles to explore the potential areas for development on the ground.

The chief executive of SIB, Sherin Renaud, thanked Mr Meral for his support in rallying over 150 Turkish businessmen and investors to attend the forum.

Ms Renaud and Mr Meral exchange documents after signing the agreement

Mrs Renaud noted this is an encouraging sign that cooperation between the two countries is being strengthened.

She also highlighted the various areas where more cooperation could be developed, adding air and sea links could also be strengthened to increase more exchanges.

During the meeting, the Seychelles delegation also viewed a video on Tuskon success over the world and Seychelles was mentioned as a potential area for investment -- a fact which Minister Laporte commended Mr Meral for.

Also during the meeting, Mr Meral and Ms Renaud signed an agreement of cooperation as a proof of their commitment to continue working together and to encourage further ties between Turkey and Seychelles.

It is to be noted that Tuskon is the top Turkish business organisation making contributions for economic and social development of Turkey with over 43,000 entrepreneurs registered on its network in seven different regional business federations throughout Turkey.