Tribute to Dr. George Panovsky (1952 - 2012)


He was 'a real  gentleman' both on and off the tennis courts. We would often see him playing tennis with his wife,  Sabina, for some relaxation late in the afternoon after a hard day's work.

Although gentle, cool and  calm by nature, he looked quite aggressive on the court playing with great gusto and fighting hard for  every ball. He really had a dexterous hand in almost every shot he played. There is no doubt that he will  be sorely missed by all of us both as a tennis player and as a wonderful friend.

In the medical field, he was absolutely marvellous, very knowledgeable and highly professional about  his job to which he was utterly devoted and committed. For this, he won the admiration of the medical  staff and the entire Seychellois public. Caring for his patients with that special touch was more of a  vocation for him than just being a doctor. His readiness to assist patients at any time with so much  compassion knew no bounds.

That money should be spent on his cancer patients rather than on  wreaths and floral tributes epitomises his love and concern for those under his care. His reward in  heaven will certainly be great. 'SERVICE BEFORE SELF ' characterised his professional life, a true  ROTARIAN in every sense.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his dear wife, Sabina, and his children, Robert and Barbara, and all  other relatives and friends in Seychelles and Czechoslovakia, at this very difficult time. May The  Almighty God comfort them in their sorrow. We offer them our heartfelt condolences over this terrible  loss and may their beloved 'JIRI' rest in peace. 

John L. Adam