President urges more support for teachers


Guests appreciating a performance by the Classical Soul Vibrations at yesterday’s ceremony

In his speech, he urged community members and parents in particular to support the educator’s efforts so that children may become good citizens and avoid social ills.

He spoke about the importance of teachers in society and the positive influence that four teachers have had on his own development as a student, taking the opportunity to thank them.

Mr Michel called on all students and people from the communities to show respect and encourage the teachers as they play a major role in giving the knowledge required, preparing the students for a career and improving the ongoing education system.

He said the theme chosen for this year’s Teachers’ Day is both timely and appropriate considering that our country is sparing no effort in soliciting the support of all concerned, especially teachers, to help shape the social construct of our community.

“Therefore, teachers, you are being called upon to act and enhance your impact on the lives you touch and the minds you shape.  Your role is a noble one. It is also crucial,” he said.

He said the government is committed to continued investment in the capacity building of the teachers and in providing the best educational environment for students, and appealed to those who have the necessary qualifications to join the teaching profession and to make a difference.

“On this special occasion, the nation joins me to thank all teachers of Seychelles for their hard work, dedication and determination… Let every child be inspired and motivated by you. We remember with gratitude and affection those who have passed on and those who are in retirement after so many years of service. To those in active service, we say to them, we pledge you our full support and respect,” he said.

The ceremony was animated by music played by the Classical Soul Vibrations.