Seychelles urges new Somali leaders to hasten release of hostages


Mr Faure made the appeal during talks with the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Abdullahi Haji Hassan Nuur, and the Minister in the Office of the President of Somalia, Abdirahim Abdi Abikar, on the margins of the recent United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York.

The vice-president welcomed the election of the new Somali President – who was not in attendance at the UNGA – and expressed his support for the efforts of the government to gradually bring more security to Somalia. 

Mr Faure also reiterated the call made in his UNGA address earlier to the international community to bring more support and investment to provide the appropriate infrastructure to ensure security in Somalia.

The recent displacement of Al-Shabab from their previous stronghold in the Somali town of Kismayo by Kenyan forces represents a strong indication that the tide is turning in favour of a much improved security situation in Somalia.

“The continued impunity of pirates in parts of Somalia however remains a great concern and we are determined to work in partnership with Somalia and the international community to ensure that our people are safe, that justice is achieved, and that our seas become safe once again,” Mr Faure said.

“We are encouraged by the willingness of the Somali government to try and address these issues, while we continue to work on all fronts to secure the release of our compatriots,” he added.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean-Paul Adam, and the new Seychellois permanent representative to the United Nations, Marie-Louise Potter, were also present at the talks.