La Digue goes green


Ms Pool hands over the donation to Professor Payet

This comes about after Seychelles honorary consul in Tanzania Maryvonne Pool handed over five photovoltaic systems panels to the Minister for Environment and Energy Rolph Payet. This was done on Monday in a short ceremony at the Botanical Gardens in the presence of environment ministry and National Botanical Gardens Foundation staff.

Professor Payet thanked Ms Pool for the donation and said giving solar panels to La Digue school “shows your commitment to the development of Seychelles”.

Ms Pool said this is not the first green project the consul has embarked on and others include schools and clinics in Tanzania which have no power supply.

“We want to work closely with the energy commission and the government to help Seychelles become a more environmentally friendly place,” she said.

The panels are estimated to cost between US $15,000 and US $18,000 and Mrs Pool said the consul plans to introduce fridges and air conditioning units in the near future.