Commission condemns unauthorised publication of restricted elections act documents


In a letter sent to the editor of the said newspaper and copied to other local media houses, Mr Gappy wrote that the article made reference to a document relating to proposed recommendations of the Electoral Commission restricted to members of the Electoral Reform Forum for their review.

“Please note that the recommendation document was circulated only to the members of the Electoral Reform Forum by the Electoral Commission.

It was not intended for circulation to the press or members of the public. The proposed recommendations to the Elections Act are still under discussion, as such, the recommendations are meant for the forum only.

“The Electoral Commission is deeply disappointed with the publication of the proposed recommendations and considers it unprofessional and in poor taste that Le Seychellois Hebdo published the documents which have not yet been discussed by the Electoral Reform Forum.

 Forum members have not been given the chance to comment on the document and you have already made it public.

“Le Seychellois Hebdo is not a member of the Electoral Reform Forum and therefore should not have been in possession of the document.

The action of Le Seychellois Hebdo has violated the code of ethics of the Electoral Reform Forum and the good work and goodwill of the Electoral Commission and the forum.

“The Electoral Commission is requesting that you refrain from publishing the remainder of the document and immediately cease and desist from all circulation of the said document,” wrote Mr Gappy to the editor of Le Seychellois Hebdo.