Seychelles, Cuba reaffirm longstanding friendship


Mr Faure, accompanied by Mrs Potter (left), during talks with Minister Parilla

This was during a meeting between Vice-President Danny Faure and Cuban Minister for Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, on the margins of the United Nations general assembly in New York, last week.

During the meeting, Vice-President Faure expressed Seychelles’ great appreciation for the remarkable job undertaken by outgoing Cuban Ambassador to Seychelles Maria Aida, in taking the level of cooperation between our two countries to greater heights.

During Ms Aida’s tenure, a record number of high level visits were undertaken to Cuba, while at the same time, there has been a remarkable increase both in scholarships in medicine awarded to Seychelles as well as the number of Cuban medical doctors working here.

For his part, Minister Parilla expressed his gratitude to the Seychelles government for its unswerving solidarity and support against the economic embargo on Cuba and welcomed the upcoming accreditation of the newly appointed Seychelles Ambassador to Cuba, Marie-Louise Potter, who accompanied Vice-President Faure at the meeting.

Also present was Selby Pillay, principal counsellor based at the Seychelles United Nations mission.