Regatta hailed a great success


The star prize – a Kia Rio Sedan car – was won by young Christa Richard from Quincy Village.
Other attractive prizes included a return ticket to any destination served by Qatar Airways as first prize which was won by Robert Joubert of Anse Royale.

Second prize – a gift voucher of R10,000 sponsored by Island International – was taken by Iris Bresson of Grand Anse Praslin and thirdly a mobile and starter pack sponsored by Cable & wireless was won by Latina Balthilde of Pointe Larue.

Proceeds from the sale of the 65,700 lottery tickets will be used to renovate the School for the Exceptional Child at Roche Caïman.

As is the case every year, thousands of people from across the country came together to celebrate at Beau Vallon last weekend.

 “We had an excellent turnout this year and all three days were fully packed with people on the beach and in the Regatta area. We were not expecting such a huge turnout so it was a pleasant surprise,” said Mr Fontaine.