National Assembly Question Time-New policy to address modern day challenges and needs of the youth


On behalf of President James Michel, who holds the youth portfolio, Mr Faure on Tuesday answered two questions tabled by elected member for Grand Anse Mahe Lenny Lebon.

Mr Lebon wanted to know if the youth department is reviewing the youth policy for it to better reflect present day realities and challenges the youths are facing and if a youth study is being considered to better address this situation.

Vice-President Faure said next year the youth policy will be reviewed as is the case every five years with its main objectives to continue to educate, train and empower the youths with the right skills.

But Vice-President Faure stressed that skills development for the youths is an ongoing process within the education system.

Asked of the existing provisions for advanced training for youth leaders, Vice-President Faure pointed out that the National Human Resources Development Council (NHRDC) is carrying out an exercise to   assess the demand and supply of local manpower and identify the areas where Seychellois cadre are more in need of advanced training.

The vice-president also said that to further boost the exercise in order to ensure that the policy takes into account and address the needs and challenges modern day young people face, the council is also studying and analysing information from various sources including the results of the national census  conducted in 2010 and the more recent household survey.

He noted that once all the information has been compiled and sent to the youth department then together with the National Youth Council they will be in a better position to make a decision with regard to the various areas which would need to be addressed.

Vice-President Faure also noted that the exercise would make it possible to state if any and the number of youth leaders who would need advanced training. 

But Mr Faure informed the Assembly that in relation to training, since 2006 the Commonwealth Youth Department and the Seychelles government introduced an advanced diploma course for youth workers. The first cohort was awarded their diplomas two months ago, while a second is still following the course.

The National Assembly in its session on Tuesday also unanimously approved two motions.

The first tabled by newly elected member for Anse Aux Pins Meggy Marie was asking the government to put in place more severe laws against businesses which refuse to give Seychellois and foreigners access to beaches around the country.

The second motion tabled by elected member for Bel Air Nichole Barbé called on the Assembly to express its support for the new strategic plan for 2012-2016 of the Seychelles Prison Services which favours a human rights approach in the management of the prison and a rehabilitation programme for the inmates.