Parti Lepep’s youth wing holds 14th AGM, draws up action plan


Ms Alexander addressing guests and delegates at the meeting

The gathering was attended by the wing’s youth district officials, 32 national executive members drawn from all districts and regions. They were joined by several party central committee (CC) members and members of the National Assembly (MNAs).

The secretary for mass movements and voluntarism Idith Alexander expressed her conviction in the commitment of all militants of Lazenes Parti Lepep to remain faithful to the cause of the party. She said all militants had proved themselves and shown their potential. 

Noting that she was the voice of the youth on the Parti Lepep central committee, Ms Alexander said there was a need to review activities and promote the spirit of voluntarism.

She noted that the movement had taken part actively in last year’s presidential elections which resulted in a massive win for Parti Lepep.

Ms Alexander added that the AGM is expected to come up with an action plan for 2013, which will better reflect the aspirations of the party’s youth movement. All members of Lazenes Parti Lepep are below 35 years old.

Renny Bijoux making his speechRenny Bijoux said the time was right to reflect on challenges facing the youths of today and how to best overcome them.

He recalled that Lazenes Parti Lepep came into being in 2009, replacing the youth movement of its precursor – the Seychelles People’s Progressive Front (SPPF).  He noted that while in 2010, the focus was on first-time voters, 2011 was oriented on the presidential elections which saw the party increase its score.

Lazenes Parti Lepep was also active in this year’s by-election at Anse Aux Pins, where the party candidate, Meggy Marie, who was present at the AGM, won 61% – above the national average score.

Mr Bijoux noted that as a recipient of a scholarship to the University of Seychelles, he was making full use of the opportunities being offered to the youth by the government. Likewise, many of his colleagues are enrolled in the Young Leaders Programme.