Vat Inclusive/Exclusive prices


If you advertise prices exclusive of Vat, you will need to work out how much Vat to add. If you advertise your prices inclusive of Vat, you will need to work out how much Vat to record in your Vat account.

If you are registered for Vat and you want to claim Vat back on your purchases, then you will find that sometimes goods and services to which Vat is applicable are sold inclusive of Vat but the receipt may not show the amount of Vat included in the total. In this case, in order to claim back the Vat on your purchase, you will need to calculate the Vat from the Vat-inclusive amount.

How to calculate Vat-inclusive price?
After the selling price of a good or a service has been decided without Vat, the Vat needs to be added to the selling price by multiplying it by 15% to get the Vat-inclusive price.

How to use the Vat fraction to calculate the Vat in a Vat-inclusive price?
When Vat is calculated from a Vat-inclusive price, the following fraction (price x 15/115) will be applied to calculate the Vat amount. By using this 'Vat fraction' the Vat-registered business will be able to find the amount of Vat that has been incorporated in a Vat-inclusive price.

Fraction for calculating the standard rate of Vat-inclusive prices
Rate of Vat Vat fraction
Standard rate= 15% Price × (15÷115)
Fractions for calculating the standard-rate Vat in Vat-inclusive prices
Step Amount
Vat-inclusive price R115
R115 x 15÷115 R15

How to calculate Vat-exclusive price?
The standard rate of Vat is 15%. Using a R115 Vat-inclusive price with a standard Vat rate at 15%, the Vat-exclusive price will be obtained by dividing the Vat-inclusive price by 1.15.

Example at 15% - calculating the Vat-exclusive price
Rate of Vat Calculating Vat-exclusive price
Standard rate - 15% Vat Exclusive Price ÷ 1.15
Example at 15% - for calculating the Vat-exclusive prices
Step Amount
Price including Vat R115
Price excluding Vat (R115 ÷1.15) R100

For more information
You can contact Seychelles Revenue Commission on 4293745 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The Value Added Tax Act, 2010 is available on the Seychelles Revenue Commission website (