SLA introduces coloured road fund disks with security features


The new road fund disks have hologram stickers and the SLA logo on them which are easily spoiled if tampered with.

The logo also changes to rainbow colours when viewed in different positions.

The expiry date on the disks is highlighted using a silver ink which if photocopied or scanned will turn grey. The SLA logo is also imprinted in grey on the paper used and if it is reproduced it will turn white.

Meanwhile, the SLA has also introduced different coloured disks for each type of vehicle licence so that they can be easily identified from a distance. These are yellow for taxis, orange for car hires, purple for public omnibus on contracted services, blue for commercial vehicles for hire, and green for private vehicles, commercial vehicles for own business and any other vehicle licence not specified above.

According to the SLA, these changes will help deter individuals from attempting to make faked copies, but will at the same time ease the work of the police and other stakeholders, making it easier for them to recognise from a distance the type of licence a vehicle holds and identify any fraudster.